Something Is Out There

BizBuilder 365      Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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The Sheep Head??? my subtle way of saying "Don't be a follower .... be a LEADER"

For those of you who know me, I am a humble guy with a super dry sense of humor. I love my family, I have a great career, and I have a good life. Nothing wrong with that.

I grew up in a house where my pops worked in a tire factory, and I had a stay at home mom. I was a "C" student who played in the marching band and did some wrestling and few other sports. I was friendly kid but not particularly outstanding at anything other than music. I enjoyed the heck out of the high school years, and decided college was not my thing right after school.

I entered the U.S. Air Force and landed a job as an Avionics Technician working on KC 135 and C 130 aircraft for the most part. Made all the regular life mistakes by getting married too young, spending too much, partying, and having to figure out life for myself since losing my mom when I was 21. That was tough as many of you may too have experienced.

The one thing I always had going for me was a great work ethic and the spirit to compete. As I hit my mid 20's, I moved on from the Air Force to the Air National Guard and joined a great financial services company. That company provided me with great mentors and leadership training  .......... and the rest is history. I will fill in more details in future posts.

The spirit of this opening post is I came from a modest family, but having discipline, great mentors, good leadership training, and having the will to compete catapulted my career forward. I found career opportunities that my experience and credentials said I probably shouldn't have had.

Today I have a great family, a well paying career, I have completed my masters degree and a PMP certification. I have a leadership position managing millions in resources and capital. I know my stuff and would be considered pretty damn good at what I do. Living a great upper middle class life.

My past did not define my future. Your past shouldn't define your future either. There's something out there for each of us.

I am at a point where I want to pay it forward, and I am going to. I am blessed to have what I do and I have appreciation for life and for grace.

In future posts I will get into more of what my motivations are and why I feel so passionate about helping others. There is a level of significance that fills your soul when you build something that benefits others. That is the next milestone in my life and I welcome you to stay with me or join me on my journey.

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